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contact us
Address:No.909, Shanghai Road, Rizhao City,Shandong
Tel: +86-633-8812139
Fax: +86-633-2271787


RIZHAO SUNNYU INDUSTRY Co.,LTD(SHANDONG SUNNYU CO.,LIMITED). is located at the Rizhao of a beautiful coastal city, and nearby Qingdao port, so it’s very convenient in import and export trade.
????????We are a professional manufacturer of rope and twines .We produce various kinds of industrial, piscatorial, agriculture, civil rope, twine and net. The product series include all kinds of PP/PE/Nylon rope, braided rope, PP/PE/Nylon twine, Cotton twine, Jute/Sisal twine, Webbing and so on in. Different materials braided rope, washing line, PP packing line and other products keep the strong sale in USA market.
  • Tel: +86-633-8812139 Fax: +86-633-2271787

    E-Mail:info@sunnyu.cc???sunnyropes@gmail.com Postcode:276800

    Address:No.909, Shanghai Road, Rizhao City,Shandong